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Recognition of Prior Learning

General information

  • RPL Certificate IV in Government Investigations PSP40416
  • RPL Certificate III in Investigative Services CPP30619

Applicants can apply for exemptions from units in courses where they can demonstrate that they have the skills or knowledge already.

Many experienced investigators feel that Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the quickest and easiest way to gaining a National Qualification in Investigative Services. Maybe it’s because of these great benefits:

  • No travelling to and from classes
  • No repeating training you have previously undertaken
  • Recognition of your previous work and life experience
  • No classes on subjects that you are already qualified
  • No assessments
  • You can work on your application out of your own home, office! (or from the beach!)
  • Why study for something you do everyday?

You can gain a National Qualification in either Certificate III or Certificate IV in Investigations through Recognition of Prior Learning.

We are able to assist you to gain these qualifications quickly and inexpensively.

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