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Advanced Covert Surveillance

Advanced Certificate Program for government & commercial investigation professionals. Surveillance training based on current methodologies incorporated by most if not all specialist law enforcement surveillance teams working in Australia.

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The Advanced Covert Surveillance & Investigation course is specifically designed for those persons who want to increase their surveillance skill levels to a level equal to professional investigators at the highest level available. The surveillance training delivered during this course is based on current methodologies incorporated by most, if not all specialist law enforcement surveillance teams working in Australia.


This is not a course put together by amateurs. This is a challenging and informative course which has been specifically designed around the current methodology used by almost all government or law enforcement agencies where receiving collecting and interpreting information through clear communications is vital to a successful operation.

The instructors are all former law enforcement covert officers with over 30 years each experience in covert operations at the highest level.

This hands-on course takes a practical approach towards covert surveillance and uses a typical operation from the initial receipt of information up to the presentation of both visual and written evidence at court as its base. Participants will be required to:

  1. Attend various locations around Sydney to gather information where clear thinking and good team work is vital to achieving the objective
  2. Learn how to interpret situations and ensure that all relevant information is gathered and assessed before important decisions are made
  3. Practice the correct and most efficient way to conduct surveillance and will allow investigators to identify any deficiencies in current procedures and will result in your you and your agency gaining an enviable reputation as a leader in surveillance practices

Whilst most companies use theory based training, ASSI International uses true to life training scenarios that require course participants to make decisions under difficult and sometimes stressful conditions whilst under the guidance of a professional and experienced instructors.

All our surveillance & investigation courses are developed in line with Australian National Competencies. For training outside Australia, those competency standards are still maintained, but additional material is incorporated into the courses to allow for local conditions and regulatory requirements. This is essential as it makes the course more relevant to the participants. It also initially requires interaction and consultancy between the trainer and key participants in the training program.


The Advanced Surveillance Course is delivered on "hours as required" basis. Normal course hours will be 8.00am until 5.00pm however a night drive will be required as will a night time exercise.

You must be prepared to spend at least 10 hours a day on the road under sometimes stressful conditions and be able to work as part of a multi-discipline team.

All training equipment will be provided on-site except for a vehicle which can either be hired at a cost of approximately $50.00 per day inclusive insurance or you can use your own vehicle.

Each participant will be individually assessed in relation to their competence during scenarios.

Certificates will be awarded to those participants successfully passing the scenario requirements.


Australian Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment for the units:

  • Conduct Surveillance
  • Operate and Maintain a Surveilance Vehicle
  • Maintain Workplace Safety
  • Store and Protect Information
  • Use and Maintain Operational Equip


The course requires you to attend various locations in an around Sydney, Australia. Operations will occur both during the day and evening to meet competency guidelines.


DAY 1 - Introduction to Surveillance

Course Outline

Course outline will be briefly discussed to ensure that all participants fully understand their obligations during the course including the observation to road rules and adherence to OH&S principles. Scheduled meal breaks will not be observed with meals and toilet breaks being taken on a "when you can" basis. Start and Finish times are based on completion of the days tasks and will vary from 8 am to 9 pm.


Participants will be introduced the basics of surveillance with an emphasis on professional government based surveillance teams. The make up of the teams and the selection processes will be discussed to assist those persons wanting to join such groups.

Radio Protocols

Probably the most important piece of equipment that will be used during the course is the Motorola two-way radio network. Participants will be instructed in the use of the radios and communication protocols based on standard AFP/State Police methodology.

Introductory Practical - Radio Protocols

Participants will be teamed up and after picking up vehicles will be taken on a series of short surveillance runs to ensure the team understands basic radio procedures and handling. Introduction to:

  • Radio Handling
  • Basic Fault Finding
  • Quick Battery Changes
  • Channel Selection
  • Simplex v Repeater
  • Surveillance Radio Terminology
  • Clear Communications
  • Use of multiple Radios

DAY 2 - Communications and Team Work

The day will start at a pre determined location and centre around the continuation of the previous instruction on radio procedures. Good communications are the key to any successful covert operation and participants will be required to start using their skills to work as a single team whilst travelling to various destinations around the Sydney Metropolitan and country areas.

As confidence builds team members will be instructed in the correct practices associated with "put downs" and "takeaways" whilst utilizing correct radio procedure.

DAY 3 - Foot Surveillance & Transitions

The day will commence at a pre-determined location where a briefing will be held in relation to the days activities. A warm up surveillance run will be conducted using the skills learnt over the past two days. Team members will then be introduced to Foot surveillance techniques using our world renowned "Reverse Perspective" technique. Training will continue with:

  • Transitions from vehicle to foot surveillance and vice versa
  • Setup of foot surveillance communication systems
  • Team management principles
  • Quick pickups and drops
  • Use of clothing to change appearance
  • Body language

DAY 4 - Rural and Remote Surveillance

The day will commence at a pre-determined location where a briefing will be held in relation to the days activities. A warm up surveillance run will be conducted using the skills learnt over the past three days. Participants will then drive to a variety of rural and remote locations including bush areas, beaches and similar environments where the ability to blend in with an environment is paramount. Participants will also utile equipment to assist them in the gathering of information and intelligence including:

  • Correct use of radios in remote areas
  • Preparation of self for long term surveillance
  • Use of the CS – Mini Infra Red Surveillance system to detect movement in a remote area
  • Use of high zoom video cameras and stabilization methods
  • Vehicle selection and use in remote areas
  • Pretexts and their use

The day will end with a freeway surveillance run from rural to urban areas with a night time component to hone the skills learnt over the preceeding 4 days with an emphasis on radio communications and vehicle placement.

A debrief will be held in the CBD and expected finish time is approximately 9 pm.

DAY 5 - Major Exercise and Assessment

The final day of the course will commence with a briefing session in regards to a scenario, which will be advised on that morning. The team is to brief each other and the briefing a preparation for the operation will be assessed. A full scale practical assessment will then be conducted with a final briefing at the conclusion.

The final exercise will be conducted under the full supervision of qualified instructors and bring together all the learning over the last 5 days.

Participants will be awared a nationally recognised Statement of results upon succesfully completing the course.

Your trainer is Adrian Francis, Principal Director of ASSI

Adrian Francis

Adrian Francis

Director of Training & Chief Instructor, ASSI

Adrian Francis founded the school in 1998. He has a long investigations career in both law enforcement and private investigations. Extensive experience in specialist covert electronic and physical surveillance operations coupled with many years working as both a criminal and private investigator has given Adrian the background knowledge and hands-on experience to ensure that students receive only the most up to date and professional training available.

Adrian has been professionally engaged in:

  • Undercover Services
  • Physical Surveillance
  • Technical Surveillance
  • Intelligence Services
  • General Investigations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Corruption and Serious Misconduct Complaints
  • Stealing and Dishonesty Offences
  • Missing Persons

Adrian also holds formal accreditations in:

  • Advanced Criminal Investigations
  • Advanced Diploma of Security and Risk Management
  • Civil Investigations (Cert IV in Investigations)
  • Certificate 4 in Government (Fraud & Investigations)
  • Police Investigations
  • Arson Investigations
  • Risk Management & OH&S
  • Advanced Photography
  • Advanced Surveillance
  • Bush and Rural Surveillance
  • Management (Grad Cert - UWS)
  • Project Management
  • Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Senior First Aid


A big thankyou to Adrian for conducting a fabulous Advanced Surveillance course in Melbourne. The learning outcomes and results were nothing short of brilliant. The course and Adrian’s teaching methods were extremely professional and also a lot of fun. I can highly recommend this course to anyone , and know people from any background would thoroughly enjoy it and be very surprised at the levels achieved. Again a big thankyou to Adrian.

The advanced surveillance course was easily the best training I’ve undertaken. This is definitely a cut above any other surveillance training on offer and I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to take their surveillance skill set to the next level.

I just wanted to personally thank you for your professional delivery of the surveillance course and the outcomes achieved. This is the first training class where I felt all training material was delivered successfully through many practical exercises.
Michael S - Dept of Defence

I would recommend this course to anyone hoping to work in surveillance investigations. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of government work and teams, you'll also gain practical skills that you can use in even the most basic surveillance jobs. Be prepared to be mentally drained and tested, but you won't regret it, not once.

I currently work in a law enforcement surveillance team and did this course as a refresher. It wasnt a refresher, I learnt more in this course than any other course I have done. Highly recommended and my whole team will be coming back.
Mark R

Course participants are required to supply their own vehicle and fuel. Hire vehicles available at additional cost. All other equipment (GPS/Radios/Videos) supplied. Two persons per vehicle is permitted.

Course fees do not cover lunch, tea breaks, materials. Participants will need to arrange their own accommodation. Attire: Casual

This course is GST exempt (Nationally Accredited Training)


To register for the next course please email Adrian Francis adrian@assii.com.au



Substitutions are welcome at any time. Please notify us at least 2 working days prior to the event.

All cancellations will carry a 10% cancellation fee, once a booking form is received.

All cancellations must be in writing by fax or email at least 2 weeks before the event date.

Cancellations with less than 2 weeks prior to the event date carry a 100% liability. However, course materials will still be couriered to you.

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